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Choosing parquet

Parquet remains one of the most popular floor coverings both for private houses and apartments. Parquet makes the interior more elegant and cosy, helps to keep warmth in winter, and has excellent sound insulation as well. The wooden floor is an important element of design: for example, in a living room, designed in the classical style, such a floor will look especially impressive if combined with inclusions of marble. When creating modern interiors, it is worth paying attention to the parquet “with history”, i.e. artificially aged boards which refer us to the shabby chic style.

However, designers still take into account the authentic vintage as well as the recycled wood. Among various options there are oak coverings made of boards that once lay in old houses or of an array that previously had a completely different purpose. The undoubted advantages of such a parquet are its environmentally friendly nature and unique charm, because if you entrust the wood processing to experienced craftsmen, the result can go beyond all your expectations.

The floor with designer’s ornaments will perfectly suit the most elegant interiors. This can be engraving, prints or applications. One of the most popular trends is images with the 3D effect. When choosing the ideal floor covering, you should not be afraid of colours. Who told you that the parquet should be only beige or brown? Designers bravely experiment with pink, yellow or green colours that can make any room brighter and add a pronounced individuality to it. This option is ideal for those who dream of a wooden floor but want to avoid excessive rigor, which the parquet can give to the interior.

By the way, true admirers of this type of covering don’t need to limit themselves to coating only the floor. For instance, one of the walls in a living room or in a bedroom covered with the noble wood will help you place accents in the interior. The main point is not to exaggerate and let other walls “breathe”. Too many parquet panels can visually change the size of the room, distort the natural light entering the room, and make the space close like a box.

Since the cold weather is arriving, in the next article we are going to speak about fireplaces.

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