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Eclecticism in the interior

Mixing different styles within one interior could be an excellent solution for those who like several design trends at the same time and cannot choose only one of them. So, why do you have to put limits if your house can become a reflection of your taste and preferences in art? However, it’s important to remember that such a style not only gives you freedom of expression but also requires particular responsibility while choosing elements of design. Otherwise a house risks to turn to a ridiculous exhibition of goods of different historic periods without any connection and harmony between them. To avoid this, it’s better to choose a neutral background that will suit perfectly all items of furniture and decor. For example, you can use a soft-core light colour to paint the walls – white, pink, beige or pale-yellow. But if you would like to add some brightness to the interior, it’s enough to paint only one wall red or green to make the whole room look vivid and expressive.

When choosing furniture for a house or an apartment in the eclectic style, you should look at objects not only of different styles, but also of different historic periods. In the living room, for instance, a brand-new couch upholstered in bright cloth will look stylish together with a carved chest purchased at an antiques exhibition somewhere on the south of Italy. In the bedroom, an antique wrought-iron bed, painted white, will look gorgeous next to a modern wardrobe. In the kitchen, one of the main elements can be a large table of untreated wood surrounded by soft colourful chairs, and shelves and glass stacks can be filled with ceramic dishes in the oriental style mixed with crystal glasses and an old porcelain set.

To give special charm to your house decorated in the eclectic style, you can also use numerous mirrors in golden and wooden frames of various sizes and shapes. You can combine those mirrors in different ways to decorate the bathroom, living room and bedroom. Chandeliers and floor lamps of different periods, as well as bright oriental carpets and paintings brought from different parts of the world can make stylish finishing touches. They are able to make the atmosphere truly unique and unusually cosy.

In the next article we will speak about peculiarities of the Mediterranean style in the interior design.

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