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Green is a flavour-of-the-month

The eco way of life is getting more and more popular not only among Europeans, but also among residents of other parts of the world. Some people collect waste separately, others try to save water and energy or buy clothes made only of organic materials. “Why should the interior design be behind this widespread trend?” – furniture and decoration items manufacturers asked themselves, offering their own ecological solutions. 

Thus, in the eco-friendly design wood comes into the picture – now it is one of the basic materials not only for tables and chairs, but also for lamps, items of décor, as well as for decoration of bathrooms. Besides, not only wood itself can be used: pine needles, for example, can result in excellent carpets or stools and the cork bark can be used for floor laying and wall panels. This stylish and above all ecological solution gets more and more admirers both among designers and customers.

Another “green” trend is to decorate walls with grass and leaves. Basically, this is a surface completely covered with plants planted in the ground. Such a living element contributes to the natural purification of air in the room and creates a sense of spring, even when it is freezing cold outside. The only drawback for the ecological lifestyle supporters can be the one that having a “vertical garden” in the house it is problematic to save water.

A secondary use of waste and unnecessary items in the interior design serves as an unlimited source of inspiration and fantasy for designers. Glass bottles, for instance, can turn to a stylish lamp and warehouse wooden boxes or a gasoline canister can have their second life in the form of an original table for the living room. To complete the interior design, it is a good idea to choose textiles made of seaweed.

In the next article, we will talk about the secrets of effective lighting in the house.

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