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Harmony in the blending of styles

Today, the interior design does not virtually have clear stylistic frameworks, which allows designers and their customers to realise their ideas with maximum freedom – from minimalistic single-coloured interiors to eclectic projects and skilful interspersion of ethnic elements. Anyway, whatever design you choose, keeping in mind the current trends is still worth it – to make the result more comprehensive and relevant.

The 80’s are back to our houses, even though interpreted in the modern manner. Collections of leading furniture manufacturers offer many shiny varnish surfaces, noble materials such as velvet and damask fabrics, and carpets and tapestries as well. At the same time, the 70’s do not come out of fashion and along with them cheerful colours and geometric lines that look particularly impressive on wallpaper and other wall coverings made in the 3D-technology.

As for earth materials, marble does not give up its position and increasingly appears in houses not only in the form of tiles or partitions, but also in lamps, vases and impregnation in furniture.

Speaking about the colour palette, different shades of blue come into the picture – from sky blue to the saturated almost gray colour. Designers actively use it for both bedrooms and kitchens. The undoubted advantages of these shades are that they can be easily combined with almost all colours and do not reduce the space visually, as it happens, for example, with the black colour.

As for the final touches in the interior, such as vases and other items of decoration, there can be seen a long-awaited shift away from spontaneous purchases of accessories for the house via Instagram or Pinterest. The online trend has now been replaced by the interest in craftsmanship and by the desire to possess a truly unique handmade thing made by using ancient techniques. So, an important role is again played by products made of wood, glass and porcelain.

In the next article, we will talk about the eco-friendly interior design trend.

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