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Interiors of Nordic nature

The Scandinavian design is getting more and more popular all over the world. Today, apartments and houses designed in the laconic Nordic style can be seen far beyond Sweden and Finland. First of all, this style is characterised by its pronounced emphasis on the white colour which is easily explained by the geographical location of the countries where this style was born. With a permanent lack of sun, the white colour and its shades make the interiors lighter and cosier. This colour is an excellent option not only for the walls in rooms or the ceramic tile in the bathroom, but also for the floor. The white parquet, for example, visually increases the rooms and every time the sun is shining, they literally become full of natural light.

The northern Europeans are known to be strict supporters of the environmentally friendly design. For this reason, wood has become one of the key elements of the Scandinavian interiors. Birch, oak, walnut and other species help create a warm atmosphere, and the elements made of untreated wood emphasise the natural beauty of the material. When it comes to furniture (tables, chairs, drawer chests), it’s better to choose dark shades which create a wonderful contrast with white walls and floor.

Another important aspect of the Scandinavian interiors is geometry, i.e. strict lines, colour blocks and graphic ornaments. It’s enough to add a couple of pillows with a typical print or a tablecloth with the rhombus pattern to the interior to make the room look stylishly Nordic. As for fabrics, it’s always better to choose natural ones, such as cotton or wool, which make the house cosier and warmer. By the way, it’s all about details – a warm plaid of the natural green shade or an unusual vase – that make the northern design so attractive and unique. It’s great to have at least one accessory of Scandinavian origin. However, it’s important to keep the balance, so try to decorate your house with a small number of such objects, otherwise you risk to break the Nordic laconism. The last thing to remember is books with bright covers which should be places on the shelves a bit carelessly.

Italvision’s experienced designers will be pleased to develop an interior project of an apartment or a house in the Scandinavian style and select unique objects that reflect owner’s preferences and personality.

In the next article we will speak about coming back to the style of past decades in the interior design.

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