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It's all about color

Everybody knows that the colour plays one of the most important roles in the interior design. It can visually expand or narrow the space, make the atmosphere cosier and more comfortable as well as change your mood.


In chromotherapy (colour treatment) the yellow colour is associated with joy and spirit lift. It is believed to stimulate the intellectual abilities of a person, to have a positive effect on digestion and to help to increase appetite. Yellow is often used in the kitchen and dining rooms design but it will also be a wonderful option for bathrooms. The key point is not to overdo with it as the excess of this colour can cause irritation and nervousness.


The blue colour has a calming effect, it helps you relax and mitigate strong emotions. Blue is believed to help get asleep, this is why designers actively use it in bedrooms while for offices this colour will hardly be a good choice as it can reduce your concentration. You also should keep it in mind that blue can make a room too dark and gloomy if the natural light is not enough.


The green colour has a positive effect on vision, helps to release both mental and physical tension, to get rid of headache and to normalise blood pressure. This colour will suit perfectly almost any kind of a room. In the kitchen, it will help you relax after a working day or get a portion of energy early in the morning. In the living room, it will create the atmosphere of summer freshness and cheer you up on cloudy days.


The red colour activates your vital functions and awakes your physical power and energy. It ideally suits a living room or a dining room since it stimulates the development of conversations. It can also fit the bedroom of two very passionate people. It’s better if the light is not sufficient – in this case the red colour will make a room more elegant and won’t become an irritating element.


This colour id perfect for those who like neutral interiors. It helps relax and balance brighter colours in the interior. Besides, it can become an ideal background for intensive colours. Grey, if used skilfully, can create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

In the next article we will speak about furniture of wooden arrays.

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