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Light your way, or how to choose the lighting for your house

The smart room lighting contains a number of nuances, many of which are not as obvious as it may seem at first glance. Wall lamps were often ignored not so long ago, but now they are increasingly being used to decorate modern houses and apartments, which is not surprising. Firstly, thanks to designers’ efforts now there are very interesting and stylish models in the market that can add a touch to any interior. Secondly, sconces are an excellent option for those who want to completely hide the wires from the corridor or the living room. Finally, if you efficiently set small lamps, they will create a unique trick of light and shadows that will bring a piece of magic to your house. You certainly should not expect these lamps to have the same power as the pendant ones. Sconces are the best solution to light narrow spaces such as corridors or attics with a low sloping ceiling, or to create a “soffit effect” that can illuminate a picture, a luxurious sofa or any other item of furniture which you want to accentuate.

When it comes to lighting the living room, floor models still hold the lead. It is hard to imagine a reading corner without them. It may seem that choosing such a simple element of the interior will not be difficult, but there are several factors to consider. For example, you should think of how such a floor lamp will look, if you decide to bring it to another room or to change furniture in the room where it was before. For this reason, it is better to choose neutral options that fit easily into any environment. At the same time, there are still a lot of solutions: following the trends, you can choose a LED model of a geometric shape, a classic floor lamp that looks like an arch or a real designer masterpiece – a lamp in the form of a saxophone. For those who value functionality, the ideal solution can be a mobile lampshade and the possibility to adjust the height, which makes it easy to change the angle of light. When choosing a floor lamp, do not limit yourselves to the living room – designers offer the comfortable use of such floor lamps in other rooms as well. For example, in the kitchen a floor lamp can add a bit of romance or soften the strict interior.

The last thing we are going to speak about in this article is chandeliers. Even though in modern apartments and houses the alternative ways of lighting are preferred nowadays (such as LED tapes and others), chandeliers can create a unique atmosphere. Many manufacturers offer unique models that can even become the key point of design of the entire premise. Designer chandeliers with Swarovski crystals, handmade items made of famous Murano glass, lamps that resembles branches of a tree, metal structures decorated with shiny semi-precious stones – you can choose anything you like.

In the next article we will speak about parquet.

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