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Main Interior Design Trends Of 2018

We have prepared a guide for you that will help you understand the main trends of the year and choose those which will best suit your interior.

Copper colour

This colour plays an important role this year. If its use on a vast surface may seem risky, in small quantities this shade will definitely look good. Lamps, vases and other accessories of the copper colour become really charming and will necessarily add a drop of sophistication to the interior. However, this colour is a little masculine, so it should be used carefully in romantic interiors.

Red furniture

The European designers believe that sofas, armchairs and chairs of this intensive colour must find their place in every house. But of course, it’s up to you how much of this colour you want in your interior. Passionate people, for example, can easily choose more than one red element in the room and can paint all the walls in the scarlet colour.

Retro style

More and more often retro elements can be seen in modern interiors. The style of the past decades has become one of the main sources of inspiration for designers. Now it’s time to head to an antique store to search for unique items of furniture and accessories which will give some additional charm and the spirit of the past to your house.


If you are thinking about the upholstery material for your furniture, choose velvet. 

This material is on trend this season and will add some chic and elegance to any interior. Besides, velvet suits perfectly not only classic sofas and armchairs, but also looks great on the most intricate and modern models.

Flowers and plants

We are talking about living plants (use as many of them as possible in your interior) as well as wallpaper patterns and other wall coverings. In case of wall coverings, flowers must be large or even huge, i.e. covering the entire wall.

Industrial style

The industrial style, which got a lot of fans in previous seasons, has become more minimalistic and, at the same time, more sophisticated this year. The principal rule is no excessive details but a lot of untreated wood, concrete, iron and metals of dark shades.

Wallpapers in the bathroom

The bathroom obtains a clearly expressed character and personality. What can emphasise its personality better than bright waterproof wallpapers with geometric or optical patterns?

In the next article we will speak about main design elements which you should acquire this year.

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