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Mediterranean Interior Design

Everyone falls in love with the Mediterranean style with its deep shades of blue and azure, the abundance of natural light coming to rooms through panoramic windows, and the triumph of natural materials. Although this style was originally typical for houses located on the coast, as it is already clear from its name, today it harmoniously fits into any landscape.

The colour palette obviously takes a special place in the Mediterranean style. To make the rooms as light as possible, we recommend choosing soft-core white, beige or pale-yellow colours for the walls. For the floor, ceramic tiles or burnished clay plates with a mosaic pattern that refers to Greek or South Italian estates located on the seashore are perfect. You shouldn’t be afraid of untreated surfaces – they make your house particularly charming. As for the ceiling, the best solution can be the usage of wooden beams. They make the atmosphere more expressive and favourably emphasise the height of the rooms. If you wish to make the interior more sophisticated and weightless, you can paint the wooden beams white. Another typical element of the Mediterranean-style houses is numerous arches. They can decorate both terraces and doors inside the house. They can also be an element of décor.

When choosing furniture and accessories for the house, all shades of beige, azure, turquoise and green come to the fore. The white colour still remains one of the dominating colours in the interior design. To create a pronounced contrast, you can combine, for instance, delicate shades of azure with deep blue or light beige with elements of deep brown.

The Mediterranean style is strongly connected with the romantic spirit, so a wide four-poster bed will undoubtedly take a worthy place in the bedroom surrounded by laconic wooden furniture. When decorating the bathroom, it is worth looking at the tile of azure and blue shades, which can be laid out both on the walls and the floor. The wooden furniture, wicker baskets and accessories referring to the marine theme will become an organic completion of the interior.

The last hint for today – when choosing fabrics for the house, it is better to choose light natural materials, such as cotton or linen with linear patterns.

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