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Property Management in Italy

Property in Italy, in particular in such a picturesque place as Lombardy, is a lucrative investment. If you are planning to use your property on Lake Como with commercial purposes, the company Ital Vision will help you to achieve the highest profitability. We offer such services as property management in Italy and take care of the financial planning and operational management of the facility.

After signing an agency agreement with our company, you receive a range of services including marketing positioning and property maintenance. Our experts will provide legal support and brokerage services, taking on the responsibility of finding tenants and resolving any issues related to the lease.

Experience has proven that collaboration in the format of Property Management in Italy allows the property owners to decrease their expenses on external consultants and to reduce financial risks since all the problems are faced and solved by one agent.

The most requested services in the field of Property Management on Lake Como are the following:

  • Buildings maintenance (maintenance of communications, cleanliness, security and safety, provision of energy resources, creation and maintenance of infrastructure, etc.).
  • Solving any insurance issues.
  • Solving issues related to leasing (drafting of contracts, securing payments, rotation of tenants, etc.).
  • Accounting.

  Benefits of collaboration with Ital Vision:

  1. Many years’ experience in commercial property management in Italy.
  2. A flexible approach to each client.
  3. Prompt communication and solutions to any problem.
  4. Comfortable communication (we speak Italian, Russian and English).

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