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Property Reconstruction in Italy

Over the last period, Italian real estate, which needs to be restored, has become very popular among investors. If you were lucky enough to become an owner of such an estate on Lake Como, Ital Vision will be happy to help you renovate the property and restore its prestigious look, as well as provide comfortable living conditions.

We will help you conduct partial repairs or complete reconstruction of property in Italy: contact us if you need to restore or modernise an old residence, villa, palace or any commercial / public object.

Our company has a strong experience in reconstruction and restoration of the property built in different periods and in various styles.

While restoring the property, first of all we consider our customer’s preferences. Besides, we pay serious attention to the local legislative regulations, which involve certain restrictions in the design and arrangement of the building itself and its territory.

Before starting the property reconstruction on Lake Como, our experts will give you information about requirements related to the style, building dimensions and other details of repair work.

Benefits of collaboration with Ital Vision:

  1. We make our customers free from all the routine work, including communication with governmental agencies and obtaining the necessary permits. The project manager will resolve all bureaucratic issues with local authorities on his own.
  2. The property reconstruction in Italy is carried out by international experts (architects, project developers, designers).
  3. You get a complex service, including searching for contractors and building materials suppliers.
  4. We provide official guarantees for all the work done.
  5. We provide comfortable communication as we speak Italian, English and Russian.

Contact us to know more about the property reconstruction on Lake Como.

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