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Repair work in Italy

Ital Vision will be happy to provide comprehensive assistance if you need to organise repair in Italy. We have a successful many years’ experience in performing external and internal repair work of varying complexity and scale.

At the customer’s request we:

  • carry out complex turnkey repair work - from the design project development to its full implementation.
  • provide such services as sanitary, finishing and other kinds of work.

Contact us if you are planning to repair an estate or commercial property on Lake Como. We will help you put in order a recently acquired villa or an object that is already in operation but needs to be restored.

Benefits of collaboration with Ital Vision:

  1. You will not have to deal on your own with coordination issues in the local administration. If such a need arises, we will take it upon ourselves. Please note that in each region of Italy there are certain restrictions, and since our architects know the legislative regulation well, you will not have problems with local authorities.
  2. Our architects and designers are highly experienced and have worked world-wide.
  3. After ordering repair services in our company, you will get complex services, thus making yourself free from this tiresome process. We will develop a project, make a cost estimate, select and control workers, take care of construction materials and furniture delivery and provide control.
  4. All our customers get official guarantees on the quality and timing of the work ordered. The customer pays for the work as the individual phases are completed.
  5. You will not have any communication problems as we speak Italian, English and Russian.

Contact us to discuss all the details about your upcoming repair of property on Lake Como.

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