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Trust Management of Property in Italy

Ital Vision provides trust management services to property owners on Lake Como (Lombardy, Italy). On behalf of the client, we take on a responsibility for administrative procedures within the subscription services or as a one-off service. The list of obligations is discussed individually with each client, and during the collaboration this list can be changed.

The complex of activities in the framework of trust management of property in Italy can include:

  • Carrying out scheduled inspections of the state of the object.
  • Payment or control of payment of utility bills and other mandatory payments (taxes, insurance, etc.).
  • Organisation of round-the-clock security.
  • Receiving postal items.
  • Hiring and managing maintenance staff (gardener, cleaner, builders, etc.).
  • Control over keeping order on the territory.
  • Carrying out of repair and construction works.
  • Participation in meetings of property owners, communication with representatives of the local authorities.
  • Resolving issues of the object lease.
  • Accounting.
  • Receiving ordered goods if the property owner is absent and other services.

Benefits of collaboration with Ital Vision:

  1. Trust management of property on Lake Como is carried out by the experts of the local legislation, therefore any risks related to legal mistakes are absolutely excluded.
  2. We take on the total responsibility for the safety of your property and the quality of our services. We have dealt with trust management for more than 8 years and none of our clients has had any problem with the local authorities or the property.
  3. We speak Italian, English and Russian.

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