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What To Buy: Furniture Of Solid Wood

Solid wood refers to boards made of wood itself rather than of its waste, such as chipboard or fibreboard. Solid wood furniture is considered to be completely environmentally friendly, since it does not contain any impurities and glue compounds. This material is never out of fashion and can make any interior more sophisticated and noble.

Traditionally, solid wood tabletops are very popular being an excellent option for spacious kitchens. The best choice for modern interiors would be wood of light colours as it looks less intrusive and emphasises the lightness of space, while massive tables of darker colours would perfectly suit the classic interior design.

Today, models of untreated wood, which emphasise the material’s natural beauty, and polished items of all shapes and designs are on trend. Stylish solid wood chairs or handmade benches will be an ideal complement to such tabletops.

If you are looking for wooden furniture for the living room, then you should look at the chests of noble wood with 3D elements, patterns done with a laser as well as carved cabinets that will undoubtedly add a unique touch to the interior and make the atmosphere cosier. Since this is a completely natural material, it is necessary to remember to moderate the level of humidity in the room with the solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture will undoubtedly suit any bedroom. Interior items made of bleached oak, for instance, can make the space lighter, and a pine or oak of a natural shade will be an excellent option for a room decorated in the country style.

If you are not ready for solid wood interiors yet, you can choose one or two simple elements. For example, you can put a floor-lamp, a coffee table or a small cabinet for wine bottles into the living-room to add some warmth and home cosiness.

In the next article we will speak about main interior design trends of 2018.

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