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Preparation of residential and commercial design projects

Profound knowledge of fashionable trends and ergonomic aspects and the ability to feel and understand a customer are those strengths that enable us to create outstanding projects regardless their purpose. Working on a residential design project, our expert will strongly consider client’s individual preferences and prepare several versions of design which will fully correspond to the customer’s request. In this case all aspects will be considered, such as client’s personal preferences, strict instructions (if a client knows exactly what he/she wants) and even client’s profession. Working on the design of a café, shop or hotel, the expert will consider all specific requirements which the design of commercial premises should meet. These requirements are: attracting attention of the target audience, increasing sales, increasing brand loyalty, and recognisability – it means that the design of the object must be capable of selling itself.
We have already implemented several top-class objects in Italy, including boutiques, hotels and restaurants of the luxury segment.

Preparation of residential and commercial design projects includes the following steps:

  • Plan of functional and stylistic zoning of premises
  • Options for the interior finishing, based on customer feedback and the corporate style (for commercial premises)
  • Creation of a new individual style for commercial premises that will become recognisable and attractive to customers
  • Plan of arrangement of furniture / equipment
  • The possibility of manufacturing furniture in Italy and in Russia according to sketches of designers
  • The possibility of a profitable supply of furniture from Italy, thanks to the numerous trusted partners
  • Premises visualisation in the 3D format

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