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Realisation of the design project on a turn-key basis

ItalVision’s specialists are ready not only to prepare, but also to implement a design project of any complexity. This service is necessary for those clients who value every minute of their time and do not want to be stuck in endless repair with never ending readjustments. Signing an agreement with ItalVision, a client is guaranteed to receive his exact order in time.

Steps of design project realisation

  • Development of the project documentation. This includes the collection of personal data, a measurement plan, selection of references, photo fixation, and planning coordination - this allows to see a project, revealing its weaknesses and strengths at the initial stage.
  • Engineering works. Our specialists will measure the object, conduct an analysis of existing engineering and technical networks, and fix the object in photos.
  • Preparation of documents, their coordination in appropriate instances and drawing up of estimates.
  • Development of the outline plan. It includes a planning solution, sketches development, and the selection of furniture, lighting and other equipment.
  • Creation of 3D visualisation. After performing the visualisation, the final result becomes clear. Visualisation is necessary to avoid possible disappointments, dissatisfaction and unnecessary expenses.

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