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Supervision on the project implementation

ItalVision’s designers are ready not only to create marvellous interiors, but also to do "supervisory" work – that is, to thoroughly monitor the correct implementation of the idea discussed with a client. The supervision service will save the client from unnecessary worries and will always let you know how the work is proceeding. 

Supervision includes the following services:

  • Planned on-site visits
  • Supervision on the design project realisation
  • Necessary adjustments and completion of the operational documentation
  • Selection, purchase and control of the supply of finishing and decorative materials, furniture, plumbing equipment, lighting, textiles, etc.
  • Advice for a customer on issues related to repair
  • Construction advice on all provided drawings and sketches
  • Control of the work done by contractors and control of the delivered equipment
  • Written and photo report to the customer on the work progress
  • Commissioning of the completed object

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